The support service exists for issues that a Team member could not resolve.

If you have questions about classes, races, dungeons, where to get items or do not understand a quest, you can always go to our forums or Discord and ask for help from the rest of the community (other players).

Use this form to address any specific issues with your account, such as: password problems, bans, errors, and data.

Use this form to deal with a specific problem with your character, such as: problems with the banker's password, ban, problems with an item or errors.

Use this form to discuss any issue related to a payment or purchase at the Tera Store. Remember to provide all the necessary information to give you fast and effective support. It is recommended to attach image of the ticket or payment ticket.

Use this form to deal with some ingame behavior that you see that does not comply with the server's regulations, such as: bad vocabulary, insults, faults in events performed by event GMs, bug abuse or errors.

Use this form if you would like to address some of the previously mentioned issues. It exists for a specific contact with the TERA team.